Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fun With Words

Great Spelling/Vocabulary Game

Try this fun game to develop vocabulary in conjunction with spelling/vocabulary. It can also be a good icebreaker for a new school year.
  1. Write spelling/vocabulary words on individual index cards — one word per card, one card per student plus yourself. For example, if you have 22 students in your class, make 23 index cards.
  2. Ask a student to tape one of the cards to your back. Don’t peek!
  3. Tape the remaining cards to students' backs. Do not let any individual student see what you have taped to his or her back.
  4. Ask students to give clues about your word while you try to guess it. Continue gathering clues and guessing. When you have correctly guessed the word on your back, you may remove the word from your back only after you spell the word correctly.
  5. Have students visit each other — gathering clues and guessing — until they have all correctly guessed and spelled the words on their backs.
Another variation would be to put the names of students on the cards, and the "guesser" has to gather clues about the likes/dislikes/personality of the students, possibly after an autobiographical project.

Home Version:

  1. Have your child write his or her challenging vocabulary or spelling words on an index card.  
  2. Mix up the cards and have your child choose one without looking and hold it above her head facing you.  
  3. She then has to ask you questions about the word to try to guess which word it is. 
  4. Then she must spell the word correctly to try a new word or it becomes your turn to try to guess the word.
Thanks to for this fun idea!

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